Here is a list of the requirements from the project brief. The bold and underlined tasks are ones that we have completed.

Market ResearchEdit

  • The needs of markets around the world
  • determine range of competitive products

Analysis of DesignEdit

  • Understand method of design
  • Understand accuracy of manufacture of each component

Life Cycle AnalysisEdit

  • Undertake analysis
  • Assembly efficiency of current design

Propose ChangesEdit

  • With aim of achieving objectives:
    • Increasing reliability
    • Improve economics of manufacture
    • Improve user-friendliness
    • Consider making device reusable
    • More robust device
  • Improve results of the design analysis stage

3D ModelEdit

  • Prepare 3D model of entire device


  • FEA, CFD, Moldflow to confirm performance and manufacturability of proposed design

Rapid PrototypeEdit

  • Confirm form and fit of critical part


  • Identify and justify appropriate testing to robust and reliable solution

Mould ToolEdit

  • Prepare the design of mould tool for plastic injection moulding of a critical component